Chapter Three: Apparition

Scully had slowly awoken to see the fluorescent numbers of the digital alarm clock which displayed 2:00AM. She groggily rubbed at her eyes and started to sit up before she instantly started to feel nauseous, reminding her of the child within. She lay back down into the pillows and closed her eyes as she allowed the nausea to pass. She re-opened her eyes and looked through the darkness to Mulder’s side of the bed. “Mulder?” she asked softly.

Nearly appalled by the sight before her, she instinctively moved to turn on the lamp by her bedside. To her horror, Mulder’s bedside was vacant.

“Mulder!?” she called out as she frantically tore the bedspread off of her and forced herself out of bed.

‘No, please tell me this isn’t happening.’ Scully pleaded over and over again inside her head

As she proceeded towards the living room, Scully felt her nausea return and her vision began to blur. She barely made it to the door and clasped its handle tightly before she felt her legs nearly give in beneath her.

Scully bit her trembling lip and it took everything in her will to force back her tears and pull herself together as she used the small leverage of the door handle to pull herself back to her feet. She squeezed her eyes shut and pushed the door open before her.

“Mulder?” she asked once more as she moved slowly through the living room, her eyes gradually adjusting to the darkness

“Hi, Dana, why don’t you come join us?”

Galvanized, Scully jumped and abruptly turned in direction from which the voice had come. When she opened her eyes, she was nearly appalled at the scene before her.

Instead of being confronted once more by the darkness of the room, the dimly lit living room welcomed her presence. Her sister Melissa lay on the foot of the sofa with Emily who cuddled beside her.

In that moment, Scully recalled what Mulder had told her three months ago.

‘I want to believe that the dead are not lost to us. That they speak to us as part of something greater than us, greater than any alien force. And if you and I are powerless now, I want to believe that if we listen to what's speaking; it can give us the power to save ourselves.’

Scully gasped as tears welled within her eyes. “Oh my god.” she whispered as she brought a shaky hand to her mouth, the other instinctively coming to rest on her stomach.


“How…” her voice broke as her body began to convulse before she let out a sob.

“You called us here, Dana.” her sister replied simply.

‘Then we believe the same thing.’

Scully almost unconsciously made her way over towards the end of the sofa. “Oh my god, I can’t believe this happening.”

Scully placed her head in her hands and decided that once she looked up, it all would have been an apparition.

“Fox has been experiencing these sentimental visions as well.” Scully finally looked up lifted her hands away from her face and reluctantly moved to sit down.

Seeing Emily for the first time in several years brought out the emotion she kept locked inside of her and concealed. “My beautiful Emily...” she broke.

Emily immediately wrapped her arms around her mother’s’ waist. “I know I have a little brother mommy and that you’re going to have another baby.”

“Yeah...I’m going to have a baby.” Scully said slowly, parting with her daughter.

Melissa could sense that there was something vastly bothering her sister. “What’s wrong, Dana?” she asked gently

“I...I don’t know where Mulder and I are going to go, what we’re going to do. We’ll have to leave the country...Mulder has already heard what he needed to in Roswell three months ago. If we stay here, we’ll risk being found. Not only, that but I cannot bear to give up another child. I wanted to believe that when I gave up William, that it was for his own best interest. I wanted to be sure that he was safe and would grow up to have a somewhat mundane life, a life that I would be unable to give him, but now I’m not so sure. Who could possibly be safe anywhere in this world anymore!?”

Scully averted her gaze and fought the tears from falling.

“If you know what you must do, you don’t need me to give you an answer, Dana.” Melissa smiled knowingly.

Scully looked up. “Missy, that’s just it. I don’t know! We’re in the middle of nowhere, we’re fugitives, have no destination, I’m pregnant, William is god knows where and all Mulder and I have now is each other.”

“Maybe that’s everything you’ve needed all along, Dana.”


“Despite everything that’s been lost, you and Fox are still here. Still fighting this great fight in spite of everything. Even if there is nothing logical left to believe in, you need to believe you are both here at this moment, at this time for a reason. It’s not over yet, Dana. You still have a ways to go. You can’t give up now, you both still have the power to fight, the power to fight for the future, for yourselves and your family.”

“What can I give this child but a life of uncertainty and insecurity?” Scully broke.

“Parents don’t come with manuals and neither do children, Dana. No one’s perfect, we just have to give it the best and give children our love and support to help them nurture and grow.”

Despite her tears, Scully managed a small laugh.

Melissa tilted her head “What?” she asked knowingly

“You sound like a psychiatrist.”

“Gee, thanks.” she said before outstretching a luminous hand to Emily.

“We have to go, Emily...” Melissa said gently. Emily shifted from under her mother’s touch and her small hand touched her aunt’s. “No, don’t go!” Scully shot up instantly.

“It’s okay, Dana. Don’t worry; she’s in good hands now.” Her sister smiled reassuringly before the outline of their silhouettes had begun to evanesce.

“I love you, Mommy.”

“No, please wait!” Scully pleaded as she reached out towards her sister and daughter.

“Your destiny is awaiting you, Dana.” the voice echoed once the two figures fully dissipated.

“No!” she screamed before opening her eyes to see that she was no longer in the living room with her long lost sister and daughter, but rather sitting up in the motel room bed witnessing the morning sun stream through the window.

Still recuperating from the sudden apparition, her gaze shifted to Mulder’s side of the bed next to her only to find it vacant. “Mulder?” she started in a pleading whisper.

Fearing the worst, her voice had become more insistent “Mulder?” she called out urgently as she threw the covers to the side and rushed out of the room

“Mulder!” she screamed.

End Chapter Three