Gomenasai Part Three.

Story is by Kathryn: katrose13_17@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon and Co. are not mine, I am merely borrowing them for the sake of the fanfic.

I sighed and pulled two suitcases from under the bed. I opened one of them and placed the photograph inside. I rummaged through closets and dressers for clothing and such to pack, covering the photograph with a few shirts. I tossed various items into the cases until I felt I had sufficiently packed.

I didn’t know how long we were planning to stay, so I hoped what I had packed was enough. I wiped tears from my eyes. A soft knock came on the door and Michiru slipped inside. She took one look at my face and her face grew instantly sympathetic. “Haruka, you’ve been crying. Maybe I shouldn’t have forced you into this…” she looked remorseful. “No, Michiru, it’s not your fault. I’ll be okay.” I hugged her. “Haruka, I know this’ll be hard, but I really think it’ll be good for you. It might almost be like getting a whole new family.” She said as we embraced. A thought washed over me and I pulled away, a faint smile spreading across my face. Michiru looked at me, puzzled.

“What’re you smiling at?” she asked. “You’ll see.” I told her. “In the meantime, we should make up the guest bed for Suzumi-chan.” I closed the suitcases. Michiru nodded and headed off to do so. I grinned to myself.

This would be a trip none of us would ever forget. That evening, when Michiru was absorbed in a painting she was working on, Suzumi turned to me. “So, Haruka-san, besides racing, what do you like to do with your free time?” she asked me, seeming slightly nervous. I smiled at her. “Not a lot, really. I’m usually either with Michiru or on my motorcycle. Or both.” Suzumi laughed.

“Michiru told me you play piano.” She seemed to have relaxed slightly. “Hai.” I nodded. “I’d love to hear you play sometime.” She shot me a sincere smile. I nodded. “Of course.” Suddenly, Michiru stood. “Finished!” she said proudly. I looked at her painting. “It’s fantastic!” Suzumi said happily.

I looked up at Michiru. “Truly. It is.” I yawned, and Michiru laughed. “I think it’s time we all went to bed.” She said. Suzumi grinned. “All right, Mother.” She said, laughing. I fought back laughter. Michiru made a face at her, then shooed us both off to bed while she cleaned her paintbrushes and put away her other supplies. Suzumi still had the giggles. I changed into nightclothes, then went to say goodnight to Suzumi. I knocked gently on the door. “Come in!” she called. I opened the door. She was brushing her hair.

Turning around, she smiled at me. She set the hairbrush on her nightstand. I noticed something else on the stand. It was a photograph of her and Michiru and their family. Michiru appeared to be about eight, and Suzumi maybe five. Seeing Michiru as a child made a grin break out on my face. Suzumi followed my gaze and grinned herself. “I take it with me anytime I go on a trip, so my family’s always with me.” She said. I was touched by her sentiment.

“I’m glad.” I said. She smiled. “Well, good night, Suzumi-chan.” I said. “Good night, Haruka-san.” She replied. I left the room, gently closing the door behind me. Michiru had finished cleaning up and had already gotten into her nightgown. She lay in bed, reading a book. I slid in beside her and kissed her goodnight. “Sweet dreams.” She said, smiling, then closed her book and flicked off the light.