Kiisaru: The Secret of Haruka’s Past! Part Three.

Story is by Kathryn:

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon and Co. are not mine, I am merely borrowing them for the sake of the fanfic.

Relaxed in the car, I drove. Neither Michiru nor I spoke. There was no real need for words. Finally, Michiru broke the silence. “Haruka, what’s been bothering you? I can tell something has, and we’ve never kept secrets before. Why start now?” she asked. I sensed hurt in her voice.

I opened my mouth to make up some excuse, but suddenly she screamed. Some foolish, probably drunken driver was careening toward us, driving in the wrong lane. I yelled out and tried to escape the driver’s path, but it was too late. Cars collided and my world went black.

When I awoke, I realized instantly where I was. A hospital. The same hospital I had visited six years ago. The same place Kiisaru had died. Only this time, I was the one in the hospital bed. A nurse entered the room. “Oh, good. You’re awake. You’ve been out a long time. Two days, actually.” She said. Remembering what had happened, I sat bolt upright, realizing that my left arm was in a heavy cast.

“Where’s Michiru?” I asked, panicked. “Calm yourself, dear. She’s in the next room over. You can go see her if you like, but she still hasn’t woken up.” The nurse said. “Thank you.” I told her quietly. I stood up. Other than my arm, I felt all right. Gingerly, I ran my right hand over my side. I winced when I hit a certain spot.

“Two broken ribs and a broken arm. You made it out better than I would’ve expected.” She said. “Your friend’s in slightly worse shape, I’m afraid.” Bustling out of the room. I walked over to the room that was said to be Michiru’s. Her sea-green curls spread out across her pillow, and her eyes were closed. For a moment, I feared the worst, but gradually relaxed as I saw her chest rise and fall with breath. An IV wound its way into her wrist, and her heart monitor beeped steadily.

Seeing her like that, so helpless and vulnerable, it felt as though something broke inside of me. It was happening. Again. I felt burning tears coursing down my cheeks as I walked to her bedside. I took her hand. “Don’t leave me, Michiru. Don’t you dare leave me here. I couldn’t bear it if-…if you went like all the others.” I whispered. “Please, wake up. For me…” No response came. There was no sign that she’d even heard.

I knelt in a position a remembered from a day so many years ago, burrowing my face into the bedside, sobbing. I felt a hand on the top of my head. “Please don’t cry…Haruka.” came Michiru’s voice, faint and weak. I looked up. Michiru was awake, her eyes clouded slightly. My throat constricted with hot tears. “I’ll be okay.” She said softly.

Not knowing what to say, my lips found hers. She let me kiss her for a few moments, and then I pulled away. There were stitches across her cheek, and bruises danced across her legs. Her right arm was heavily bandaged, and along her left ran a long cut, obviously made by broken glass. “Lucky girl.” She said. “I hear you only broke two ribs. I broke four.” She smiled halfheartedly. I smiled back. “What was on your mind? Before, I mean.” She asked. I realized now that the time I had with Michiru could be cut short by anything, and I couldn’t keep lying to her like this. So I began to tell her my story.

(That’s it for part 3! Stay tuned for part 4, the final chapter!)