By: Kyouryoku Senshi
Souyume Rating: PG-13 Spoilers: The scene where Haruka finds Michiru sitting by the pool off in Her own world. Michiru picked up a nearby seashell and held it next to her ear and closed her eyes letting the curing feeling of the sea wash over her as her mind started drifting into the clouds. Letting her mind wander, she found herself in the middle off the ocean gazing up into the deep blue sky. She could stay forever and let the clouds take her away. A voice reached out to her “It isn’t fair, you go off into your own world.” Michiru opened her eyes to see a pair of curious but sad deep blue pair of eyes gazing down at her. Michiru managed a small smile and looked down “I had that vision.” Michiru said calmly “I know, it means the talismans are to appear soon.” Haruka said looking down at Michiru as she rested her arms on the beach chair Michiru was laying on They both remained silent for a few moments; nothing could be heard but the sound of the endless pouring rain on top of the indoor pool. “Haruka…” “Nani?”

“ must promise me, no matter what happens, we must capture the three talismans in order to save the world, that we will not let anything stop us.” She said sadly reaching up and clutching Haruka’s hand “Why must you talk that way?” Haruka said with a tease taking Michiru’s hand in her own as Michiru grinned and looked down Michiru silenced Haruka with a gentle kiss to her lips Closing the gap between them Michiru teased the side of Haruka’s cheek with her finger “Let’s not talk about it now, let’s cherish our time while we have.” Michiru pulled Haruka’s waist to hers and kissed her gently running her lips down Haruka’s neck and resting her wet head of hair on Haruka’s shoulder Haruka closed her eyes “Maybe I decided to accept my destiny, but I’m glad it was a place with you.” She said Taking Michiru’s free hand in her own as Michiru leaned in to her chest “Let’s stay like this forever, I don’t want to live in a world without you.” Haruka said “Hai, I’m glad you were the one chosen to be my partner, I don’t think I would be as happy with anyone else.” She replied

Haruka let out a small laugh “I’m glad, when I first looked into your eyes, it was then, and I knew you were the one.” “The only person ever in my life to understand me, I’m glad I met you.” Haruka said Michiru closed her eyes and nodded slowly “Let’s stay like this forever.” END