Title: Turbulence

Rating: PG

Summary: Haruka reflects on her life before embracing her destiny to become Sailor Uranus.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters.

I long to awaken from my dream world to a world of happiness,
but instead a world of death and countless battles lies ahead of me,
I want to break free from the traps of destiny, Only if I could just continue to run
from it all, all those who dispise me, I will destroy you all,
I will not forget all those who have decieved me ,
what can this life truely mean,
but you unlike some other are different,
you are the one who I need,
the one who will bury the deep wounds within my soul,
but I guess I have to thank fate, for bringing you to me,
Together we are one, the ocean view of each other's reflection.