When We're Together

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Haruka and Michiru have a little discussion beside the ocean shore.

Disclaimer: Not mine; they belong to the wonderful Naoko!

My days are filled with battles, but Iím sure glad I was able to meet you.
Haruka said letting the wind play with her hair she turned and gazed over at Michiru with happy grin.
Michiru tucked her arm underneath her wavy aqua hair and smiled over towards her lover "Eh?"
Letís drive like this forever! she said looking at the beautiful sunset
that was before them "I wonít let you go home tonight!"
Haruka said with a tease as they continued their way driving down the ocean shore.

"Oh My!" Michiru said with a grin
Michiru put her fingers on Harukaís free slender hand, Such beautiful masculine hands.
Michiru thought with a smile it had been her dream to drive along the ocean
in Harukaís yellow sports car.
About 15 minutes later Haruka parked along side the road as Michiru
got out of the passenger side and Haruka walked around to accompany her.
"Michiru?"Haruka said walking up to her side as she stuck her feet into shallow water letting it rise over her feet.
"Letís watch the sunset together." Michiru said with a smile as she gazed over the sunlit ocean.

One of her hands reached over absently to touch Harukaís hand, but keep her attention on the sunset.
Harukaís fingers slightly found their way to Michiruís hand.
"Itís so beautiful." Haruka said then turned back to look at Michiru
Michiru averted her gaze back down to the water then closed her eyes

"Our mission is to eventually collect the talismans and find our Princess, if anything shall happen to one of us, the other will carry out the mission alone." Michiru said reopening her eyes
"Why must you be like that at a time like this?" Haruka questioned raising her eye brow up and down with a questioning look
Michiru rested her head on Harukaís shoulder

"Itís destiny that brought us here and fate that decides what will be next." Michiru said quietly
"I donít know if I could face something like that alone." Haruka spoke softly entwining her fingers with Michiruís
"The day when I first spoke to you, I knew you weíre that person, you knew more about me then I myself did the one to understand me fully." Haruka said with a smile
"I donít know anyone else who Iíd want to do this with more." Michiru said
Haruka put her arm around Michiruís back as Michiru did the same.
"Hai." Haruka agreed

They were sanding together for what seemed like hours as the night finally set in Michiru pulled away then looked back at Haruka
"Itís getting late, we should get going now." Michiru said over her shoulder "Ah Ah Ah." Haruka said pulling Michiru into her chest
"Iím not letting you go home tonight." Haruka said with a play full grin looking into Michiruís sea green eyes.
Michiru grinned closing the space between them
"Youíre a naughty girl." She said with a tease
"Am I?" Haruka questioned with her brow raised
"Do you want to try it I want to touch you." Michiru teased
"When weíre alone and in private." Haruka said

Michiru pulled Harukaís arm back to the car
"We shall get going shall we?" She said with a giggle
"Hai!" Haruka responded