Star Crossed Lovers
Pairing: Haruka and Michiru
Spoilers: After the Haruka and Michiru special
Author: Kyouryoku Senshi
After the battle that took place with the puppet man, Haruka and Michiru parked on top of a cliff near thier hotel to gaze out onto the ocean as they leaned agianst Haruka's yellow convertible.

For moments the both remained in silence as the wind gracfully teased thier hair. Michiru closes her eyes sighing of relief "How are you feeling?" she askes breaking the silence
Haruka turned towards Michiru, her face still blushes of read then she smiled
"Completely Better, thanks to you, my Michiru." she said gratefully

Michiru nods then notices something in Haruka's hand
"What's that?" she asks reaching slowly out to Haruka's hand
Haruka looked back down to her hand "A peice of the puppet." she replies handing it to Michiru as she examines the broken doll
"Could this be a new enemy?" Haruka questioned

Michiru smiled
"Don't worry, they'll take care of the world." she said as the both thought of the other Senshi for a few moments as all fell silent as they watched the sun set.

Haruka turned back to Michiru
"Eh, Michiru?" she asked
Michiru turns her gaze back to Haruka
"What is it Haruka?" she asked
Haruka blushed "Well, about earlier, what you said, that a world without me isn't worth protecting, did you mean that?" she asked

Michiru smiles tenderly
"Hai, now would you like to go back home and prove it?" she askes
"Michiru, you're so naughty." Haruka said

Back at thier apartment

Haruka put her arms around her Michiru
"I can see you're feeling 'much' better." Michiru teased winking
Haruka blushed without a word
Michiru giggled and lifted her pale hand up to touch her lovers face.
They gazed deeply into each others eyes for long moments.

Michiru shut her eyes and slowly leaned in to kiss Haruka's neck slowly as her lips slid down to Haruka's breasts. Haruka moaned in content as Michiru continued to tease Haruka's chest. Michiru's  hand made it's way down Haruka's long slender body as Haruka moaned louder in content.

Without further hesitation
Haruka lifted her hand and stroked the long aqua curls in Michiru's hair then held her face to hers and kissed her deeply and passionately.
Michiru's fingers decide to tease Haruka's 'hair'

Haruka's free hand slid down Michiru's soft and elegant body
tears of happyness were filling Haruka's eyes as they held each other closely.
Michiru broke away from the kiss and let her tounge tease Haruka's neck.
Haruka moans in complete happiness and pleasure,

For a moment they broke away from the kiss and gazed lovingly into each others eyes
Michiru held her hand up to Haruka's face genly and smiled
"You need not to worry now, Haruka, we have each other, you have me, and I have you, nothing in our lives will change that." Michiru said gazing deep down into Haruka's midnight blue eyes. The feeling so strong that they could hear each others heart beats.

Michiru closed her eyes and leaned on Haruka's shoulder, as Haruka watched her, then closed her own eyes and rested her head next to Michirus and fell asleep, both not caring what might come at them, because they each knew they had each other.

                                                      END of part one!