English Lyrics

That first moment,
We shared a glance,
At one another,
A scent of a feeling was in the air,
Of a very familiar smile.

A very strange,
A strong power,
Calls out to you,
The meaning of this chance meeting,
Can't you notice any sooner?

Under the wide and open sky,
An endless search continues for,
Those hot and burning eyes that are yours.

* This fate, to be so very beautiful,
The tears I cry are made to shine,
shine as bright as ever before.

There will be,
Memories that will come and hold me down,
But I'll never look,
back at what's in the past,
Was the feeling that I felt.

Moving to you,
Outstretched hand,
with my fingers,
But the deep color of darkness,
Slowly overpainted them,

During a cold,
thundering storm,
It will awake,
A distant dream that will come to be,
An actual reality....

All of the choices I had made,
Believing them to be the ones,
To have the power to make the future change.

This fate, to be so very wonderful,
My body is starting to shine so bright,
shine as bright as ever before.

** There will be,
Many sad feelings come to hold me down,
But I'll never be,
Hurt by sadness again,
As long as you're by my side.

( Repeat * ) ( Repeat ** )

As long as you're by my side
As long as you're by my side

Japanese Lyrics

saishoni mitsumeta anotoki
saishoni mitsumeta anotoki
kaze no kaori ga shita
natsukashii egao

fushigina chikarani yobarete
meguri aeta imini
kizuite hayaku

hiroi sora no shita
zutto sagashiteta
atsui anata no hitomi o

* kono unmei wa utsukushiku
watashi no namida o
kagayaka serukara

donna omoidega hikitometemo
mou nido to furimukanai
sonna kigashita

anatani nobashita yubisaki
fukaiyami no iro ni
some rarete yuku no

tsumetai arashini mesameru
tooiyume ga itsuka
honto ni nattemo

eran dasubete o
shinjiru koto ga
asu o kaeteku chikarane

kono unmei wa uruwashiku
watashi no suhada o
kagayaka serukara

** donna kanashimi ga oshiyosetemo
mou nido to kizutsukanai
anata ga ireba

( Repeat * ) ( Repeat ** )

anata ga ireba
anata ga ireba